How to fetch contract transactions with Moralis Web3API?


I’m using Moralis Web3API and I need to fetch token contract transactions
For example, this is WAVAX contract on testnet

What’s the way to get transactions from block A to block B?
Can’t find the relevant API in the documentation
Thanks in advance

You can use getTransactions.

Thanks for your answer,
I just tested and it’s working, using “getTokenTransfers” function, but not getting the full data
In this example, there are total 344 transactions and only getting 100 in the results,
Is there any limit or how can I increase it to 1,000?

You will need to use the cursor parameter to go through each page of results as page sizes are limited to 100.

In your example, there are 4 pages (100, 100, 100, 44).

There is an example here on looping through results with cursor.

Thanks for the answer