How to exchange BNB or ETH for my own ERC20 token

Hello please how to manipulate erc20 tokens. I manage to manipulate ETH tokens, but I want to see manipulated erc20 that will allow me to send my ERC20 tokens via an erc20 address.
I’ve been searching for months and I can’t find it or give me a video.

Do you meant to send ERC20 tokens to an ERC20 contract?

I want to make a small site where people give me bnb or eth and I give them my erc20.
But I can’t write the vendor contract, and a feature of airdrops

It seems like you want to create something similar to a DEX.
Check this tutorial on How to Create DEX like Uniswap

probably not DEX @johnversus sounds more like a presale contract so people can buy your ERC20 token for eth or bnb, correct?

In that case, you should be able to take some templates from other platforms that did presale previously, it shouldn’t be a very complicated contract


yes i want it is please help me

You may need to use a smart contract that does that exchange. That receives native currency and sends back a token.

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you have exemple projets ?

I don’t have one now

I have been able to make one but the problem is that I have two contracts. I have been able to deploy the token contract but the sales contract I can’t deploy but I want to deploy it at the same time to send him tokens that will be there for the sale.

I have two contracts, one for the token contract and one for the sales contract.

Why can’t you deploy the second contract? If you want to send this person tokens you can just do it manually using the token contract or mint some to yourself to send.