How to enqueue job call inside of cloud function

I want to create new Job that will call external url with http call

Moralis.Cloud.job("myJob", (request) =>  {
      // call external url with http call

How to enqueue this job in side of cloud function ?

I want to make it async

Now I have

Moralis.Cloud.define("MyFun", async (request) => {
 // here I call external url that makes MyFun could function slow as it wait for external url call to finish
// I want to move this to Job
// would to do something like"myJob")
// this should not wait to finish, is this possible ?

} )

you can easily call another cloud function or another simple javascript function from a cloud function, you don’t have to run a job necessarily from a cloud function

For a job, you can write it and schedule it to run at specific times, there may be a syntax to run it programmatically too, I don’t know this now if or how it should be done to start a job programatically

I willask in a different way. How to call http endpoint in cloud function so it will not wait for it to finish.

When I use

const httpResponse = await Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest()

it will wait until its its finished, and slow down original cloud function call(takes 2s longer to finish)

Did you try without await and with to see if it still makes the http request till the end?