How to delete "Quick start" from code [ethereum boilerplate]

Hi I was watching this video
and I saw that it managed to change some things like deleting " Quick Start"

But the code is different from what is in the video

what code is different from that in the video?

found this related to quick start

Yeah i delete that part, But it hasnโ€™t been deleted โ€œQuick Startโ€ from screen

<Route exact path="/quickstart">
      <QuickStart isServerInfo={isServerInfo} />

in the video when he deleted this part โ€œQuick Startโ€ right away from the screen

Maybe you need to redeploy the project after deleting that part

I republished it again, but the same problem

you could also get the final code from that repository:

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Thanks for helping me

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Hello, I think that particular code is now moved to the MenuItems.jsx

  {/* <Menu.Item key="/quickstart">
        <NavLink to="/quickstart">๐Ÿš€ Quick Start</NavLink>
      </Menu.Item> */}
      <Menu.Item key="/wallet">
        <NavLink to="/wallet">๐Ÿ‘› Wallet</NavLink>
      <Menu.Item key="/1inch">
        <NavLink to="/1inch">๐Ÿฆ Dex</NavLink>
      <Menu.Item key="onramp">
        <NavLink to="/onramp">๐Ÿ’ต Fiat</NavLink>

Comment out the quickstart part.