How to create Signer within Job?

I’m trying to set up a Job on my server that will send a transaction from a specific account to my smart contract in response to a particular event. I have an NFT auction contract that requires a public function to be called after an auction ends to trigger the finalization of the auction.

I’ve set up an account that I want to use as a sort of relayer for this: I make sure this account is funded, store it’s private key on the server and use that to create a signer to send the transaction. Here’s some code:

import ethers from 'ethers'; 

Moralis.Cloud.job('settleAuction', async (request) => { 
    const web3 = Moralis.web3; 

    // Get a provider somehow. Tried the following:
    const provider1 = Moralis.enableWeb3(); 
    const provider1 = Moralis.provider; 
    const provider2 = Moralis.web3;
    const provider3 = Moralis.web3.provider; 
    // etc.

    // create signer using private key
    const signer = new ethers.Wallet(signerPrivateKey, provider);
    const auctionHouse = new ethers.Contract(auctionHouseAddress, abi, signer);

    // ... send transaction, etc.

Note: importing ethers instead of using const ethers = Moralis.web3Library to have access to ethers.wallet

Anyone have any other ideas on how I can get the provider I need or an alternative way of creating a new signer from a provided private key in Moralis?

Thought of another route, just tried creating provider using ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider() to create a provider using my speedy node URL. This creates the provider but when attempting to interact w/ the chain I’m getting this error:

could not detect network (event="noNetwork", code=NETWORK_ERROR, version=providers/5.6.1)

I think that you can use web3 in cloud code with a custom RPC url. You will find examples in other similar forum threads.