How to create client side application for uploading NFTS like opensea using moralis

Hi, all hope you are doing good. finally, we have created our own NFT marketplace with Moralis thanks a lot.

Now we are planning to create a client-side application for uploading NFTs and create collections with their end like open-sea. please guide me to do this it will helpful for us.


how does opensea do that?

@cryptokid Thanks for the reply I attached an image of open-sea creat NFT please take a look.

Thank you.

This seems to be an interface where you can add an image in order to create an nft

@cryptokid yes, Please see this one creating collections of NFT in opensea

a collection may be something managed internally by opensea, as in opensea may know what items belong to a collection

Hi @cryptokid thanks for the reply, Iā€™m attached a website link here please check this one.

this is what I was explained in this forum.

please help me to do this.

Thank you.

you can create a separate forum thread where you ask specific problem that you have

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Thanks for the reply ill create now.