How to create anti bot on contract

Hello do i create anti bot on my contract

That’s an interesting question. I doubt if that is possible as long as the wallets are free to create.

But if you want to protect your contract to access multiple wallets u could create a function in your smart contract using which only the Contract Owner can provide access to verified user wallets, so that only these registered users can have access to your smart contract.

So like users will have to first register to use my contract?


That’s the best solution I can think of for anti-bot.

okay ,how do i create that funtion

The simple version of the function will be like this.

function _subscribeNewUser(address _walletaddress) public { require (msg.sender == owner); subscribers.push(Subscriber(_walletaddress)); }
Using this you can add new subscribers to Subscriber struct

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is there a video how i can do it

I am not familiar with any such tutorials focused on anti-bot contracts.