How to create a Launchpad on moralis

I would to develop multi-chain/ cross-chain Launchpad can I develop on moralis network.

What features do you need for this launchpad?

It should allow IDO, ICO, IFO for multi chain supported like ETH, BSC, CARDANO, MATIC, POLYGON

For now Moralis doesn’t support Cardano from that list of networks.

So it support other networks

I just need guidance

Launchpad may not be easy to do now, from a legal standpoint mostly. Now projects usually create their own liquidity pair.

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But it can be develop ? And what legal issue in it.

First, ICOs are restricted in a few countries. This creates problems if you happen to live in one of them. But, if you wish to do an ICO, accepting money from thousands of investors, the project should be important enough for you to trade off some less important things in life, such as where you live, or even your citizenship. If you are not ready to make this trade-off, don’t do an ICO.

For those raising money, there are a few other tips; you don’t want your token to be considered a security. Remove any words related to shares or dividends from your white paper, and structure your token utility carefully. Get a lawyer to do a Howey Test and issue an opinion for you. This may just save you some day. Be sure to seek your own legal advice before conducting an ICO.

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Still I want to develop it on local machine after it verified I will post it online

What do you want to have on that launchpad? ERC20 tokens, NFTs?
What you mean by cross chain? to be able to do a sell on different chains like ETH, BSC, Polygon depending on what chain was the token launched/created?

Tutorials that may help you:

Yes exactly not NFT marketplace
Like if it’s ether based token,
Polygon based it can be launched ICO on my platform
Thank you so much for the links

But links related to NFT.
1st step is through connect wallet API

Even I want auction like miso Launchpad

Any guidance will be helpfull

With Moralis it is easy to call a smart contract function, you have a server that has a database where current users transactions and tokens are automatically synchronised, you can create new tables in the database, you can sync events for a specific smart contract. It makes it easier in the development of a new blockchain application. For now it supports eth, bsc, polygon and avalanche networks.

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