How to Create a DEX Like Uniswap FULL COURSE

Hi I am new to programming, i just finished watching How to Create a DEX Like Uniswap FULL COURSE and I tried forking from github.

I forked this from and I used Gitclone on vscode to clone the forked.

When I click open with live server on vscode, I am unable to select the tokens, am i doing anything wrong?

Please advise how to get this dex working :slight_smile:

When forking did you change api keys to your own one?

Also adding to @RayRay, did you install theb1inch DEX plugin?

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yes i did this! thanks for the reminder.

oh god you are a genius. I actually forgetten to get the plugin. let me try it and update u guys. thanks for the help.

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Okay i downloaded the 1inch plugin but i cant type in the textbox to select the crypto that i want to trade. I can only click and select from the drop down. any kind souls willing to educate me? Thanks.

I think the textbox is for inputing the amount wanted to be traded and not for token name :raised_hands: