How to Create a DEX Like Uniswap FULL COURSE

Hi I am new to programming, i just finished watching How to Create a DEX Like Uniswap FULL COURSE and I tried forking from github.

I forked this from and I used Gitclone on vscode to clone the forked.

When I click open with live server on vscode, I am unable to select the tokens, am i doing anything wrong?

Please advise how to get this dex working :slight_smile:

When forking did you change api keys to your own one?

Also adding to @RayRay, did you install theb1inch DEX plugin?

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yes i did this! thanks for the reminder.

oh god you are a genius. I actually forgetten to get the plugin. let me try it and update u guys. thanks for the help.

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Okay i downloaded the 1inch plugin but i cant type in the textbox to select the crypto that i want to trade. I can only click and select from the drop down. any kind souls willing to educate me? Thanks.

I think the textbox is for inputing the amount wanted to be traded and not for token name :raised_hands:

I came to this site, because I came across that video.

I understand using the 1inch plugin, to make it easier. I was wondering if thereโ€™s some customization to this plugin, as the project Iโ€™m working on focuses on a set sub-niche of tokens, as opposed to all of them.

Also, looking on existing DEXes, I note some tokens, like stablecoins for Hong Kong, Philippines, and such, arenโ€™t listed, by default. Is there a way to bring those in, or would having/creating pools to support them be needed?

Hi guys,

Iโ€™ve finished the build,

But I want to convert it to a dapp where visitors can only convert bnb token with a token on bsc network Iโ€™m trying to promote.

Will 1inch still be the conversion mechanism?

How can I get it done please?

Thanks in advance.:+1:

Yes you can still use 1inch for this swap functionality. You would just have to limit the token(s) available e.g. get rid of the token list and just have only your own token be selectable.

Ok boss,
Iโ€™ll try that