How to create a dex for staking

HOW TO CREATE A DEX FOR STAKING . i want to create my own dex where by people can staking different crypto

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You can follow this tutorial over here to create a DEX.

After that, you may add staking functionality on your smart contract.

my problem is how to add that functions people can staking and farm

You may have to learn Solidity and write a smart contract that has that functionality. Or you may use the functionality of an existing smart contract/platform and add it into your interface.

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Sorry may I get your telegram or please pm me @ashimuuu

What are the parameters for staking? What do people get for staking? Is it time locked? Learning how to implement block.timestamp might be a start. Perhaps a mint function on an ERC-20 that predicated on time?

Is this a quest for knowledge so that one day you might be able to build your dream project or do you already have capital and would like to employ people better versed in blockchain to help you build it?