How to convert wei to ETH on Rarible marketplace tutorial, NFT marketplace [SOLVED]

Anyone know how to convert wei to eth in the rarible tutorial, also how to view multiple NFT contracts

For first question: Trying to get metamask wallet balance
The second question about multiple NFT contracts I don’t know what you mean exactly, can you give more info?

what i mean is can we make the rarible marketplace clone support more than one nft contract, so we can preview nft’s from two different nft contracts.

Hey @xavierx

Moratoken was just an example for interacting with the smartcontract. The smart contract works with all NFTs ERC721 standard (not usre about ERC1155)

Yeah i know i was able to use another smart contract. What i’m asking is if i can use two nft smart contracts at the same time

I answered this question from above :face_with_monocle:

Maybe we didn’t understand each other? :sweat_smile:

say i have two nft contracts, contract 1(dog nfts) and contract 2(cats nfts)

How to make the marketplace read nfts from two contracts right now it reads from only one

MorarableMarketContract works with all ERC721 NFTs.

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Oh okay i think i get it now. i thought the front end of the marketplace would only read the NFT’s of the token contract specified as TOKEN_CONTRACT_ADDRESS

Oh, you speak about the frontend…hm, there you need to make small changes and it will be able to display all the tokens. And on cloud functions too, I guess.

We cannot write the entire application for you. You need to do it yourself. But if you run into problems, we will be happy to help you :raised_hands:

Happy BUIDLing :man_mechanic:

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Alright mate, thanks a lot