How to convert privateKey

Is there a way to shorten a privatekey down to 48 characters??

a typical privatekey is 64 hexadecimals but i can only save 48 hexadecimal characters in my app.

any help would be appreciated

Maybe you can save it in binary format instead of hex characters. Or a different encoding that uses less space, or split it in 2 and save it in two fields maybe.

Im working with RFID and the exact amount of data that is being sent are the 48 characters
when i want to send a public key of an ethereum address which is 42 characters
I get back a string like this '0x293Bcb20584a2e0E6d1b559E25783311ec29121C ’ like so, note the empty space, which keeps sthrowing me erros
and same for privatekey which is 64 characters

so I keep running in errors, what encodings would work-
for once to compress the private key or something where i can add space to a public key- i guess i figure out something for the public key.

But the best thing would be if i can compress a privatekey so i can use it on an RFID chip and than use it to sign transsactions with it

you can test with base64 to see the size

maybe it also accepts binary characters and not only ascii characters?

i need to bring down the 64 characters to 48, if its less than 48 thats not a problem since i can add values and than decode

i think i got an idea