How to connect the moralis deployed site to a custom domain?

How to connect the moralis deployed site to custom domain? I want it to be able to point to my custom domain instead of Is it possible? I think I need to know the nameservers maybe. Also I am using a domain bought from godaddy

Hi @nakulparmar,

We don’t have that feature to customise our domain yet but we will be introducing the feature soon.

Will definitely let you know once it’s pushed. :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? Is there an option to connect my custom domain to my dApp using Moralis yet?

You can not do that now from what I know. I’m going to try something today to see if it works.

Thanks, by any chance do you know if there is a price plan yet? Do you think the free plan is sufficient enough to run a dApp using Moralis sub domain?

Hey @buru! Thanks for the question

The default free plan provides you the nodes/API rate limit of 3,600 req/min.
As well as the free servers you can create in your account can sync and track about 80-100 logged in users at any time. After which, if you’re going to production, you’ll need a bigger machine.

If you’re going to production, or have higher needs that those free ones, please do let me know.

Thanks! :raised_hands:

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Thank you, the free plan is great for now. In the future, I would definitely intend to upgrade to a bigger machine suitable for 10K max logged users at any time. Could you give me a quote on this?

@buru Thanks for asking
As of now, we do have a server machine at $199/mo that can sync and track 1,000-2,000 logged in users at any given moment
Above that one we have a machine that can sync and track 10,000-20,000 logged in users. That one we provide at $499/mo. And I believe that one might be the best solution for you. Both server can store an unlimited amount of users in database though, not to disregard that.
Let me know if you’rei interested in anything else :).

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Thanks so much I will be in touch soon. That’s really great to hear!

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My pleasure :smiley:

I’m at your service whenever needed

Have a good one

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Hey cryptokid - not sure whether you tested this but is there a way to connect moralis server to a subdomain? I have a domain connected to Webflow, but to run my dApp I’m thinking of building it out on a subdomain.

Or should I be putting this together in a different way? Paying for a separate server or something to connect/run on my subdomain? Im not sure I’ve explained that properly :S … Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

there is in plan to add a simple way to set a custom domain for your Moralis Server, it is not released yet, I don’t know if I understood completely what you wanted to say.

At this moment you can host your site on your domain/subdomain and only set server url and app id in Moralis.start and it will work fine

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I see… I just setup a subdomain, and connected it to the moralis server while masking the URL! Hooray! I did however notice that in my URL bar, it says my subdomain is “unsecure” because, as I understand it, i dont have an SSL certificate for the subdomain…

Is SSL required in this circumstance? And if so, what degree of SSL security is required?

You should add ssl to your domain, but the requests to your Moralis server should use ssl regardless of how your domain is configured

True. Is there an option to upload my html code to a free server or someithng like on Google Cloud, and link that to my Subdomain?

I’ve just spoken with my sub/domain provider, and they can’t provide SSL to any subdomain with redirecting (to Moralis Server) with Masking … So much complexity!

I’m wondering if the free tier of Google Cloud might allow me to do sometihng similar with the redirect, but allow me to get an SSL for it… OR will that result in the same issue? This is all fairly new to me…

You don’t have to do that redirect to a Moralis subdomain, it is not going to work. We will have a mechanism in the near future that will make it work. For now you can upload the html of your site on your custom domain and it should work that way.

Great. In order to upload to the subdomain however, i need to connect a server to that subdomain right? Would something like a free tier of Google Cloud Service be what I need? Or do I need to connect a particular type of server hosting plan to the subdomain?
I’m kinda missing a piece of understanding here sorry for all the questions!

You don’t need to redirect something to your Moralis subdomain now, you only use in your application code that Moralis subdomain as server url. You can host your site anywhere.

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Correct me if i am wrong but if i set moralis.start from javascript then anyone could see my credentials ergo anyone could use my server??? is that right?

yes, but that is not a problem: