How to check that the transaction is really successfully? Moralis.transfer

Hi, my object is execute some function after the transaction successfully perfect.
Flow is transfer BUSD --> BUSD transferred --> execute function.
Now I execute the function after txStatus like this

      .on("transactionHash", (hash) => {
  // ......
      .on("receipt", (receipt) => {
          message: "📃 New Receipt",
          description: `${receipt.transactionHash}`,
        console.log("🔊 New Receipt: ", receipt);
        func()// execute function here
      .on("error", (error) => {
  // .....

Is that have a better and safer way to deal with this case?
And from the photo Does it has a way to check that transaction is perfectly successful from the receipt?

you could check the transaction hash on chain to be sure that it was included in a block