How to change page on NFT owners API

Hi, I’m fetching NFT owners from the API but can’t seem to change from ‘page 0’. There are 10K NFTs and I only get 500. How can I iterate through the pages? Or how can I get all 10K NFTs?


{‘total’: 10000,
‘page’: 0,
‘page_size’: 500,
‘result’: [ list with 500 NFTs …

Hi, use the offset parameter at the end of the query.

?offset=0&limit=500 is “page 0”, ?offset=500&limit=500 is “page 1”. The page number just becomes the offset / limit.

You’re probably locked from getting data past 500 if that’s the default (would you want to get 10,000 all at once as well) so you’ll have to iterate through the list with additional queries.

Thanks, worked great. You should add this to the documentation!

Scratch that, you should add a parameter ?page=x to the url!

You can suggest that at

Pages would be a bit easier to use for sure.