How to change Gas Fee from JS code?

Hello, I am having some trouble editing the gas fee on transactions. I can only edit it from Metamask manually. Any help? lyxe gas fee
Here, the gas fee is humongous!
How do I edit it in JS code?

Hi @lazytitan

Please share the code you use for token transfers

I am using an empty account to transfer from it, plus I am sending to the same empty account. It’s just for testing, of course. But I am told that if i’ts an empty account, that would happen… IDK, here is my code:

const options = {type: "erc20",
                 amount: Moralis.Units.Token("11.8", "18"),
                 receiver: user.get("ethAddress"),
                 contractAddress: "0xA8b919680258d369114910511cc87595aec0be6D",
                 awaitReceipt: false // should be switched to false
    let resultTransfer = await Moralis.transfer(options)