How to call an API in REACT using Moralis

ok im just getting frustrated.

here is the code in my cloud function:"getPrice", async (request) => {
  let url = '' + request.params.address + '/price';
  return Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest({
  	url: url,
    params: {chain: 'eth', chain_name: 'mainnet'},
    headers: {
    'accept': 'application/json',
   	'X-API-Key': xxx
  }, function(httpResponse){"error");;

There’s got to be a simple way to call this cloud function and simply get the ETH price from my react app.

someone please help…

It should be
Moralis.Cloud.define("getPrice", async (request) => {
instead of"getPrice", async (request) => {

You should remove the API_KEY from your post