How to build website for NFT miniting with create collections and add NFTs under collections

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How to build a website for NFT minting with creating collections and adding NFTs under collections. I attached a similar website link for reference please check it out.

Please help me to do this.

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you may need to learn how to deploy a smart contract, how to write a simple smart contract for ERC1155 or ERC721, how to add metadata and images to IPFS

you can find various tutorials on YouTube like


@cryptokid Thanks for the reply, I have created the NFT miniting website with moralis server its working fine with the ERC721 smart contract, that’s fine.

Now I have another doubt I used one contract address and contract ABI for minting so all the NFT images are under one collection.

How can I deploy the contract with the user’s collection name and token name? ( constructor() ERC721("BluemetaMinter", "BLUEMETA") {} ) is there any package or tool for deploying the contract and getting the contract address and contract ABI.

Please let me know any difficulty in my explanation hope you understand.

Please help me with this.

Thank you.

The first thing you’ll need is a solid blockchain platform on which to base your coin minting. There are numerous options available, but Matic (a level 2 blockchain) or Ethereum are two that we recommend. Both have a wide range of features and functionality that are ideal for this application. in relation to how You’ll need to set up a development environment how to create NFT minting website. This can be accomplished with Nodejs, Expressjs, or Reactjs.

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