How to build coint** clone?

Hello :slight_smile:
I want to build a coin generator dapp like coint**
But i didnt understand where should i begin to this project.
Is there any roadmap/tutorial about that or any suggestions?
Thank you very much!

Any answer please? Thanks

You may need to understand how to deploy a simple smart contract, how to interact with it, how to write a simple smart contract in solidity

You can search how to build a dapp in 24 hours in Moralis YouTube channel

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Hi, i have a knowledge about how to create smart contract and interact with it.
So, basically i need to take some inputs from user(whoever’s using my dapp) like “token name”, “token symbol”, “decimal” etc. and pass these values into a smart contract’s constructor function, then deploy the smart contract.
But the problem is; I used Hardhat for compiling and deployment process but how to trigger Hardhat’s deploy script from web site interface? It is only triggering on dev terminal what i see…
Any suggestions? Thanks.

It should be possible to deploy a smart contract directly from the web interface. As remix can do that only from the web interface. You could trigger from server too if you have a server.

I solved the problem, i need a different type of smart contract which can deploy a new smart contract with taken inputs.

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