How to bring de transaction value in front end

Guys, Iā€™m creating a system using moralis, and I would need to be able to bring the value of a transaction to my front end

I managed to bring the hash of the transaction, but I was not successful in bringing the value together, I would need to bring not only the hash but also how many tokens were transferred in that hash
I use this comand to bring the hash

function apiDeposit(transactionHash){
console.log("hash: " + transactionHash);

= hash: 0x7818876588af17be6dd4f3241f2382ff21c154b265b2856e350b29b7bd4b09d4

my doubt is, how can I also bring together the amount of token that was transferred in this transaction?

You could try to get the raw transaction info (there is an api for that) and after that you may have to process the logs if you want to extract more info like the tokens taht were transferred in that transaction.