How to add Commissions to the Dex tutorial on Moralis?

I am creating a DEX Swap using the Moralis tutorial on Youtube and I would like to add a 0.3% commission to my DEX.(IDK how else a DEX Swap earns). Would this be possible or do I have to just earn from adsense?

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No it’s not possible to add custom commission with our plugin :raised_hands:

Ok I guess you could add that feature as People would not want to make a DEX Swap with Moralis if they won’t get a Commission?


you can make a dex fast with 1Inch plugin and after that if your application is successful you can implement the equivalent of 1Inch plugin to add that commission.

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Hmmm, that is a good Idea.

Also, how would I be able to add a default selection to the Swap as It looks pretty bad without a default selected Token.