How Much Gas is Too Much Gas

Hi all,

the title says it all :laughing: , (How Much Gas is Too Much Gas :question: )

In one of the contracts that I am programming, one method is going to 6 digits gas consumption (e.g. 190,000 ). is this normal? when can one say that oh damn this is too much … lets refactor/optimize)

I looked at etherscan, but I dont seem to find a graph that shows the average gas consumed per transaction

any ideas?

that seems fine for a method, 21000 is the minimum gas that a transaction can have

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so I shouldn’t be worried about people using my app? :smiley:

190000*120=22800000 Gwei = 0.0228 Ether at current ether price this can be 71,03 usd :sweat_smile:

is this normal? :thinking:

that is kind of normal price on ETH, if you use another chain it will be cheaper

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