How moralis update data when its a blockchain

blockchain means data which don’t update right ?
So, how the data is updating.
What i did:
I created a server on moralis > goto dashboard > put some data in class and updated those data.

Note: I’m a beginner, never made DApp, so nevermind if i asked something foolish

that data was not saved in blockchain, and only in a local db
you can also update data on blockchain, but it will cost to make the transaction that will change that data

means moralis database is not blockchain database ??

yes, I don’t know what you would expect from a blockchain database

means all DApp save data in normal databases right ? e.g. mongoDB or firebase etc.

can u suggest me path to become a blockchain DApp developer.
How much time it take to be ready to learn Moralis.

Hey @aakash4dev, thank you for the question!

If you’re somewhat new to blockchain space, you might want to consider joining Moralis Academy. It’s a platform where we educate Students on Web3, blockchain, crypto, and programming. Plenty of courses to choose from (almost 40 courses, to be exact), with a ton of new and relevant information and approach. Check it out at and let me know your thoughts! :smiley:

Yes, every Dapp needs to store user info in some form of database. But no worries, you’ll learn all that in Academy!

Let me know your thoughts

thanks for such good info sir :slight_smile:
i will begin courses soon…

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Sounds great @aakash4dev!!

I’m at your service if you’d have any questions or doubts, just hit me up :sweat_smile:


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yes i have one more question:
before moralis, what i need to know ?
I know basic web dev, firebase, react. github.
Now I’m planning to learn some solidity, blockchain, Minting etc. with polygon & ethereum.
Should i learn directly moralis, or i should continue what i planned.