How Moralis can monitor my dev chain of HardHat?

I‘m using Nextjs to develop a website which can sell NFT. And i need Moralis to save data about NFT. But it has some problems about Moralis. When Moralis’s version was v1, that could provide a database and url for us to invoke. And it could analyz that “1337” of chainId is a devChain which in our local.

But v2, i can’t find it that Moralis can monitor the event which is emited by contract which in my local devChain.

Would somebody can help me with solving this problem?

Hi @cryptoBear

We dont support monitoring the local devchain anymore after the depreciation of our server services. You will have to use web3.js or ether.js directly to work with your local devchain

Thanks for your reply.That means I should deploy my contract to testnet such as sepolia?

Yes, you should testnets like sepolia, Mumbai etc…

All right. But do you think this is unreasonable?As my opinion, Moralis should provide a dev platform for developer even if it needs to be depoly by themselves

You can propose in the below page if possible.

We have removed it since the servers and nodes are depreciated and all the features are moved to work with API. So it was no longer possible to communicate between your local devnet and our API.