How is moralis database populated?

Good day
Can someone explain how moralis populate the the database class after a successful minting of Nft because I cannot see where the function lies all I could see is .saveIPFS(), how does moralis get to populate the database with the data from ipfs??

If data is synced to your database then that is likely handled by saveIPFS() under the hood. Also to be clear, uploading to IPFS is not the same as minting an NFT.

Alright, how do I get to modify the saveIPFS()
Because I need to add more data so it can be synced at once to the database

What sort of data? You could do this by updating the IPFS object after saveIPFS().

Thank you for your prompt response
I have created additional select option element where users can choose from a number of collection name, so I want to save it to the database as soon as the minting button is pressed
Then I can now categorized all the nfts based on the name the users choose during the minting process
I couldn’t understand how to pass the string along side the IPFS object and get it saved on a new column I created in the database