How i can verify ownership of NFTs

hi, i am good in web2.0 development but one of my client wants to add 1 web3.0 feature in his website. where he can verify ownership of someone NFTS, like if any want verify ownership of his NFT then he can verify from our website. i searched alot and found moralis which seems quite advance and effective which allow many features like wallet connection, metamask authentication etc. so i just to know weather is it possible by using moralis ? if yes the how ? what steps do i need to follow ?

p.S: am totally new with web3.0 and have good grip in javascrip + php (currently am using js and php in that project)

Yes, It is possible to implement this with moralis. Check these tutorials, these might help. These are made on the next js, however, the API implementation will be similar.

For NFT ownership:
API reference: