How i can send bep20 tokens?

How i can transfer bep20 custom (testnet USDT or other) tokens?

i get error unsoported type

you have to use erc20 there and not bep20

i want use bep20, this possible?

there is not difference between bep20 and erc20, that is why it works with only erc20

with erc20 not work, moralis can send bep20 custom token or not?

what exactly do you mean by bep20 custom token?

USDT in bsc testnet bep20

what doesn’t work with erc20 in that case?

i have only bep20 USDT

what is the code that you used there? from that error it looks like it tries to transfer more than it has

the same as at the beginning only the erc20 network

Based on the error, you seems want to send more BEP20 token more than what you have on your wallet

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As Yoseph said, you are sending more than you have. Crypto isn’t a money glitch lol.
What you can do is a simple check of user’s balance before trying to transfer. It will be a better UI experience, there is a TokenBalances table in the adminPanel/

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Resolve, all big thanks