How do you get the "moralis - -bash-80x24" on Mac

In this video at 22:00, he has a tab open that is called “moralis - -bash-80x24”. How do I get it? I’m also on macOS (macOS Monterey 12.0.1)

that is a terminal window, open spotlight search and type terminal

I know that it’s a terminal window but mine shows “(file icon) (my username) — -zsh —80x24)”

that is the title that it will change based on the folder where you are located, you can try to run cd /home and it will change

It says “zsh: no such file or directory: cd/home”. Is there a file I need to download?

it was cd /home, not cd/home

It switched to home but not moralis

you can make a folder named moralis with mkdir moralis and then use cd moralis

It doesn’t work. It said

mkdir: moralis: Operation not supported

you may need to learn some basic bash commands

what exactly did you write when you got that error?

yeah. Because of the cd /home command, it’s on /home

It’s (the main file/username (im not very sure))@(my computer name) /home % mkdir moralis

write this:

cd ~
mkdir moralis
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Nice. I ran that then ran the ones you said earlier then it works now. Thanks