How do you clear a pending signature request?

So how do I clear this? I’ve got a stale transaction request stuck in the MetaMask loop.

Still have this error. First thing first clear cache. Looks like the authentication login is still open. Maybe close the browser clear the cache and cookies. Let me know if its still broken

Clearing my immediate issue manually is not the point. The question is how to catch this error and programmatically clear it from ReactJS when an end-user fumbles their wallet connection. It’s a reliability/robustness issue.

if you are using the React Libary you can tell that there’s an auth error as such

function Login() {
  const { authenticate, authError } = useMoralis();
  return (
    <div className={styles.login_container}>
      <div className={styles.login_card}>
        <Image src={icon} width={100} height={100} />
        <div className={styles.sign_in_container}>
          {authError && (
            <p className={styles.error}>
          <button onClick={authenticate}>Login with Moralis</button>

Nice. authError eh? Thank you. I’ll give that a try. Does just pulling/displaying authError clear it? Or is there another command to do that? #StupidQuestionTime

It clears itself. And no problem happy to help!

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