How do "Scan-To-Own" transfers work?

I am working on a concept that is reliant on the ability to transfer NFTs quickly from person to person and with relatively high frequency measured per day. I have had this project waiting for the technology gap to fill and now I hear buzzing that this may have been achieved. I have seen stories on the internet about projects using “Scan-To-Own” transfers. If I understand this correctly, as soon as someone scans your “secret-key” they now own this NFT. Am I correct? Will this be an entry on the blockchain or is this a sweep of the private key and assignment of a new private key?

How do “Scan-To-Own” transfers work?

This is my only question. I would be grateful if you can answer this question or send me to the right place for the answer.

Thank You.

It could probably be done in different ways, you can research any projects that do this and their documentation.

Hello Glad. The only other project I have found that is doing this is Azuki. They have not put out any technical information and their Discord group is useless (I tried). Do you know of any projects using this method? Thank you for your response.

No I’m not familiar with any projects that do this. For Azuki I did find some articles like this but not much on the technical side.

One way it could be done is to transfer the NFT automatically using a backend (with private key for the wallet that owns these NFTs) to the user’s address after they scan a QR code e.g. in a frontend or app which then sends the request to the backend to transfer.

Yes… I have been wrestling with a similar configuration for years now. I created an app that scrambles the private key and whispers the scramble solution to the new owner. But security was an issue. I couldn’t publish it because I knew it’s vulnerabilities. When I saw this tag “Scan-To-Own” I got my hopes up.