How do I keep Moralis server up in high traffic volume

I have one of your paid server resources, I want to find out about traffic running through the server, a few days ago we had about 500 people users online, but the moralis server, database and rest controller just kept going down for hours, is there a way i can maintain high volume without the moralis server lagging, I have turned off all connections to moralis database except for the users login through metamask and I have removed historical syncing. if you could let me know a way to keep it up even if it means paying for additional resources

What error did you get few days ago when it was not working, CORS errors?

yes it was a cors error, but also I couldnt access the database through the dashboard either, it just wouldnt load, so i was just finding out if it was issue on the day or if it was our traffic volume

You can increase your Moralis Server size/power, but 500 people doesn’t seem like a big number.

We do have that $199 a month package on our server, is there more resources we could add for the day, we are doing launch much later on today, my only concern is the traffic that might come through, generally we havnt had an issue except for that one day. if you could just let me know how we could increase the server as much as possible for the day

Talk with Kresimir#3615 on Discord about the possibility of adding more resources for the day.

thanks I will do that


I’m curious to know how this is resolved. This is a concern for us too. Thanks.

Hey @CocoCabana!

Let’s jump into Forum DMs here, we can talk about more details.


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chat to Kresimir, he helped us lift the server with a mass of traffic. we had about 11000 concurrent on website users and it worked perfectly


Dear Kresimir,

New to moralis and was wondering if you could help me out as well with autoscaling server alternatives with pro subsription for handling 10000+ concurrent visitors.
Please let me know if you can help and how can I dm you :slight_smile:
Thanks a million.


Hello @princeblade88!

Definitely, we can do that. Please send me a DM on discord at Kresimir#3615. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear back from you!