How do I find the NFT Token ID after minting?

Four related questions before signing up, please :slight_smile:

I followed your tutorial on how to mint an NFT on my website (awesome job!), here:

Everything worked great. Here is the polygonscan:

When I view the Input data in the scan, (after converting to input to UTF-8) I see the link to the metadata and that has the link to the art in IPFS.

  1. I cannot figure out what the actual NFT token address is. Can you help?

  2. And I just want to confirm that person who mints the NFT owns the NFT?

  3. What if I wanted to charge money for minting these and have royalty fees on resales? Do I have to interact with a different contract? I am currently using the ones from the Github,

const nft_contract_address = β€œ0x351bbee7C6E9268A1BF741B098448477E08A0a53”

  1. Also, once transaction is complete, is there an automatic way to add the NFT to MetaMask as a custom token?

Much appreciated. I definitely will sign up if I can figure this out.

the actual NFT contract address is usually the address where you found that token uri

in theory an eth address owns an NFT, an NFT is only relative to a specific smart contract

if you want to charge money you will have to write that functionality in a smart contract code most of the time

I don’t know how you can add an NFT to metamask

Thank you @cryptokid. Perhaps I didn’t ask the right questions regarding how to find the NFT.
Once minted, the process sends back a transaction ID successfully but I am assuming that if an NFT was minted, I should have access to a unique token ID. Am I mistaken about this? And if not, where can I find it?

Secondly, in the video tutorial, Daniel shows his NFT showing up in OpenSea.
Why is my NFT not showing in OpenSea? I have the Polygon mainnet set in my Metamask and believe it is possible to view Polygon NFTs in OpenSea.

Thanks! I really appreciate the help.

Sorry! I figured it out. The contract is on the Polygon testnet, not the mainnet.
I feel kinda greeen.