How difficult to add multiple tutorials?

Okay - so lets say we all start with the ethereum boiler-plate, you have taken the time to shape and mould it towards your project and then it happens… the brilliant team at release another video and front and center of our YouTube viewing it is letting us know their new video is now available.

You click on it => How to build a DAO or How to build a reddit-like clone.

The only issue being you don’t want to create a new dapp/project for it all you want to build it into your current project… a reddit like board would be a great community/members only section for example… how difficult is it to add these additional YT tutorials to a current build?

It wouldn’t be too difficult. The boilerplate has everything already set up e.g. routing and the frontend tutorials usually use React / react-moralis.

So for new tutorials, add in the component(s) into the components folder, set up the routes, add a new item to the navigation, etc.

Exception would be if the tutorial uses web3uikit which has problems with the current boilerplate, although there is a version 2 coming out soon.


Cheers man - may as well give it a go :slight_smile:

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