How can I get all functions from smart contract

I thought that there was a function called all_functions() which prints out all functions of a smart contract but for some reason I dnont find this functions anywhere in the web3 docs.
Does anyone know how i can retrieve allf ucntions from a smart contract or is this only possible by doing this through the abi?

I think that you can do that if you have the abi, if you don’t have the abi, I don’t know how you could do it

through a function called get_allFunctions()
on etherscan i also see all the functions of a smart contract even if its not verified, so why wouldnt there be a function that gives me all functions of a contract.
Like I said, i thought there was one, but its possible im wrong, im not going to argue that, but i could have sworn there is one and that i have got this function from web3js documentation site

and so the only alternative would be to iterate over the function names on the abi, if its a verified contract?

can you give an example?

you right, I cant get the functions of an unverified contract
i will just loop through the abi to get the functions

I also want to get all functions of a smart contract. Do you know how to get the ABI of a verified contract on the BSC using Moralis SDK? And after that, how to loop through to get all the functions using Moralis? Thks.