Hope to add a new NFT contract to the interface


NFT contract:0x46F36F9FE211600417D9d24c014a154052ABC960

I don’t know what you mean, can you give more details?

I hope to find the NFT of this contract in the current NFT interface

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I don’t know exactly what it is with that smart contract, can you point me to the transaction that generated a nft for 0xC964C8dFE763450f5Ff26C6109DF1EA751ffB6D6 address?

This transaction mint a NFT:

But can’t query it’s NFT balance through your API:


how do you know that this transaction minted an NFT?

This record is my latest record after transaction mint a NFT

It looks like bscscan doesn’t recognise that transaction as making a NFT transfer either. I looked a little on the contract code, it doesn’t look like a normal ERC1155 smart contract, it looks more like something custom, but I don’t know exactly what it doesn’t have to be considered and ERC1155 smart contract.

This NFT, like Alpaca Finance, was transaction mint by Galaxy.

I’m not sure what you mean, there are also NFTs that don’t follow current standards, like CryptoPunk. And I think that in those cases it would be required to do some custom processing only for that NFT smart contract in order to be able to process it.

I have compared the contract codes of Alpaca Finance and Kaco Finance NFT, they are not much different,All implement the standard IERC1155 interface with the same logic

can you see those NFTs on opensea interface?

These NFTs are on BSC

Can you see Kaco Finance NFT NFTs on https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/?

I can’t find this NFT through this

From Alpaca Finance you can find then?

I can find the NFT of Alpaca Finance

can you give an example for Alpaca Finance?


Alpaca NFT Contract Address:0xe85d7b8f4c0c13806e158a1c9d7dcb33140cdc46

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