Historical Sync problem

I know Moralis has a builtin historical sync. but the problem is there is still some missing NFT.

when I run query it shows 5 AVRS (our NFT)

but in BSCNFTOwners table it shows none. BSCNFTOwners table is crucial because that is where we are basing the NFTs owned by the user to another table called NFT table where we have our centralized information to a specific NFT.

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we will work on fixing that

would it be possible to use web3api until it is fixed?

for example:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTsForContract({“chain”:“bsc”,“address”:“0xe30f588b51613d8c0ad99238b4e67ff0aad8be29”,“token_address”:“0xfdac15d7c9e64965e909bf9ea5b26f192f1333a2”} )

returns all the tokens specific to AVRS NFTs for 0xe30f588b51613d8c0ad99238b4e67ff0aad8be29 address