Hidden NFT Attributes on Moralis DB?

Hey everyone relatively new here but stumbled across these forums + Discord recently and so have been starting to ask some questions and slowly (yet surely) get to the programming part of project.

What I was mainly wondering was whether it was at all possible to run a NFT ‘Ranking’ type of comparing between two NFTs.

Let me explain:
Our NFTs/Smart Contracts are being built to be upgradable meaning our holders can add their personalities/flair to their NFTs.

We are wanting to create a ‘Hidden Attribute’ to all of our traits and accessories that we offer.
NFT-A wears a Blue Cap & Blue Sunglasses
NFT-B wears a Red Cap & Blue Sunglasses.

Is it possible to have the attributes (points) hidden from public, but the Moralis DB able to scan the .json or something and find:
Blue Cap 10pts
Blue Sunglasses 5pts
Red Cap 8 pts

Therefore when the two owners of the NFTs above compare their NFTs on our site it will determine NFT-A to be better as their NFT would equal 15pts compared to NFT-B’s 13.

Any information, advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Yes you could do that, you could use a Cloud Function where you pass it token ID(s) and it gets the metadata via the API and returns the points.

Or use this same logic internally in your app to determine the amount of points as you’re comparing the NFTs.

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Thank you so much for the reply - greatly appreciated. Kind of wanted to know if it was possible before I jumped down the rabbit hole :slight_smile: