Help with starting my sites

i need help making this clone work, or getting my 2 sites up and running

Can you show us what are the issues?

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well im getting help now, i have word press installed, now i need to know how to install my clones sites, bitcoin,opensea

Which clone sites? You will need to learn PHP and configuring WordPress or get someone to help you make these sites.

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opensea and bitcoin. i know where to get the code, i just dont have the web3 knowledge ima web2 guy. need help getting it up and runnign, coding it to fit my companyโ€ฆetc

the real issue is ima web2 guy not web3, and i dont have the time to really learni tlike i should, so im asking for help to get my sites up in running in web3โ€ฆi have clones of other sites i want to use for mines.

You can post on the #job-offers channel on the Moralis Discord to hire someone to help you.