Help with server

Hello i am having an issue with my server none of the cloudFunction are working and i can´t reset it, can someone give my a hand? my server url is:

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it looks like the CPU is in 100% on that server, do you want me to restart it?

now it looks like it works better now (I didn’t restart it, but you can restart it now if you want), it was some significant usage of CPU by mongo db when the CPU was in 100%

It seems it works fine but now i am not receiving any event from the contract i did the sync with

ok. that may be a different problem that we are woking on

Ok, any idea what can i do? i checked it on another server i have and it seems the problem its the same

for now you can wait until we fix the problem

Hi its seems the same problem is back again, our cloudFunctions are not working and we cannot restart again

it looks like there is no cloud code now, you can restart the server now if you still want to restart it

We deleted out cloudFunctions to do a test, but they are still working even without the code

ok, it could be related to this:

Hello @cryptokid it seems the problem with the sync is back, can you confirm me this?
my server url is:

what are the problems that you have now? I would expect that you can not restart the server now, anything else besides that?

My sync with the contract address is not bringing the BscNftOwners or the BscNftOwnersPending

you say that some transactions are missing from those tables?

Exactly, they were done 4hrs ago and they still not appear

it looks like data gets synced in BscNFTOwners now, there is only a specific transaction that is missing? you can add again that address to watch address in the interface if to force a sync