Help With Roll Up Arbitrium + Moralis SDK Dapp

I need some help with make a Dapp. I’ts Possible using RollUp Solution With Moralis SDK?? I would like to know how RollUp solutions such as Arbitrium or Metis are integrated with Moralis SDK if its possible, and i want to know about integration Step by Step.

The idea is For the Ethereum Blockchain. Any L2 Solution or Sidechain to make the Dapp more Affordable, Scurity and Scalable. And for other side, The Moralis SDK Solution to Connect with the nodes and Infura… Into a One Aplication I’ts Possible?

We are soon integrating Arbitrum in our Moralis suite. Please wait for further announcements when we do so. Keep a check on the discord server for announcement notifications.

Please elaborate more on what you mean ? Are you looking for infura like node services on Moralis? We already have our custom node services for Eth, Polygon and BSC.


Thanks Malik. Hi, How we are people? I want to ask a question about Moralis SDK Storage and Cost. How Much cost the use of Moralis SDK per Month, and i want to know… how much space can it hold?

For a Small Dapp, which would be a simple game that connects with metamask, buy the utility token of the ERC 20 game, on the Ethereum Blockchain, although we plan to use Arbitrium’s RollUp solution to make it more efficient, secure and less expensive everything. and P2P bet that utility token against another player, the one who wins takes all the tokens and can then withdraw to the wallet. Now the question is, for this case, I will have no problem hosting it in Moralis SDK? How much is the cost of mounting it in Moralis? How much storage space does it support? I would like to know if it would have problems or perhaps, it would be convenient for me in this case to be able to mount it on Amazon AWS, what do you think? I would greatly appreciate the help, we are a small team of Developers without experience in blockchain, just entering this world. My stack is Java / Php, I am somewhat lost here … Please help me. Thanks.

Hi @2569JhonFey ,

Our mission is to make this infrastructure available to as many developers as possible. No matter the budget, you can use Moralis to build your dapp and go to market quickly. Therefore Moralis will always have a very generous free plan. Exact pricing for dapps requiring bigger infrastructure will be released in the coming weeks.

It can support infinite storage.

To host your Dapp you can use cloud services like AWS. It depends on your infrastructure and how much you would like to abstract in moralis and others services.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Thanks Malik. its nice make contact with you, when i have the demo of the project i will send to you if you are interested.

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