[Help] Unity Transactions to force a specific Network

Hi guys,
Sorry i am new with moralis and I am wondering how to force the transactions to be on a specific network, so the transaction is working fine now, but i want the user to pay with BNB only, so how can i force that?

Hi I think you would just set your server’s chain setting to only Binance. You would lose cross-chain data/compatibility but I imagine this is what you want anyway if you want only BNB.

Otherwise you’d need to tell the users to be on the Binance chain in MetaMask, etc.

If i didn’t lock it, how can i retreive which network the user used to pay? since you know, the transaction just gives me the transaction hash back.

The chain should be recorded along with the transaction details when it’s synced to your server. If not you could grab it manually from the user’s connection state when they go to make a payment.

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