[Help] Unity Transactions issue

Hi guys, i’ve used OpenDeepLink() to connect to moralis, and it did connect successfully,
but when i try to make a transaction using the following code,

But Nothing happens, It just shows “Starting”, when i switch tab to Trust Wallet, i don’t see the transaction.


        string toAddress = "0x72DBAf32Af4a2fe9c60751020CaAF71E92aFDF12";

            infoText.text = "Starting";

            var txnHxash = await MoralisInterface.SendTransactionAsync(toAddress, new HexBigInteger(0));

            infoText.text = "Done";

        catch (Exception exp)
            infoText.text = exp.InnerException.Message;

try this although this method has been deprecated it will still work, if it doesn’t , try
public async void SendERC20()
            Function f = MoralisInterface.EvmContractFunctionInstance("transfer", chainID, "transfer");
//("transfer", chainID, "transfer") = key, chainId, function to call
            HexBigInteger gas = new HexBigInteger(80000);
            string result = await f.SendTransactionAsync(fromAddress, gas, new HexBigInteger("0x0"), receiver, amount);
// you can also use pars in the link i sent to replace some stuffs here