Help, I need somebody 🎡

Hey, guys!

My friend and I have a project, and we are ready to apply funds to raise our idea.

The problem is that we are oblivious to what we should do first β€” since blockchain tech is not our primary expertise.

The project consists of an NFT, Solana-based game, combining marketplace, original token, and wallet connection.

Yet, we don’t know where to start.

Should we create the Smart Contract first? Then the token? Can we do both on Moralis?

I understand that this channel is designed to help users to know Moralis’ tools, but we are looking for any bits of proper guidance.

Also, are any of the colleagues here, Moralis-friendly devs, available for hire, such as a consultant or even as a lead developer for our idea?


An ERC20 token is easier to create then a more complex smart contract.
I would say that you could start developing the smart contract at the same time as developing some front end functionality.

some tutorials:

you can join Discord and post in #hire-moralis-devs channel