Hash of cloud functions code

I’m writing some critical software where I need to be as sure as I can be, that a code will execute what I wrote it to execute. I’m thinking of the case where somebody would be able to manipulate my code in some way and I wouldn’t notice it. e.g. gain access to admin panel and change the code.

So here is my thought on solution for that.

Could Moralis provide me with a sha256 of the cloud functions code through an api. I can then use it to validate that it matches with the code in my repository. If it doesn’t match I could raise some alarm using my monitoring software.

we don’t have this functionality now, you could propose it on roadmap.moralis.io

but if someone will be able to manipulate the code maybe it will also be able to manipulate that response

Thanks, will post it to roadmap.moralis.io

I think if he could manipulate the response, then he is deeper inside of Moralis system then simply changing the code through the admin panel.

It’s not really about eliminating the possibility (which is probably not possible) just making it harder for the hacker. It’s all about setting up enough fences to lower the probability.