Has anyone followed this NFT Minting Marketplace tutorial, and notice the button links are not working https://youtu.be/EMOYpgl5S1w

Does using Wordpress as the front-end have any effect as to why the “On Sale” “Buy/Sell” “Your NFTs” buttons are working?

So you’re using WordPress? You can post your code/repo here.

I’m having the same issue with the buttons.
Have you been able to resolve the issue?

Did you try the solution which was mentioned in the below thread or is it a different issue?

Hi John
yes I tried the solution you mentioned.
I’m still having the same issue with my logout and save button not functioning. I also have my profile button closing but not reopening to show the userInfo. Do you have any other solution?
Thank you for your help.

You can continue in the thread which you created, so it will be helpful for others to follow.

Please post your errors or issues here.