Hardhat deployment issue

Im using the Moralis boilerplate trying to deploy to the mumbai testnet using hardhat and I keap getting the error that the network isnt found. using moralis speedy nodes. There no reason why it shouldnt work. for some reason the module isnt being exported. I can only assume that its something in the build because of the fact that it defaults with truffle(why, when everyone uses hardhat for the logging functionality) A default setup for doing real deployments with hardhat would be nice, any help is much appreciated.

for me it looks like that network name was not defined in hardhat configs

yes i agree but Im kind of stuck from here, because /i dont think is the syntax, its just not being exported

maybe you can look in configs to see where that network is defined, maybe it has a different name

well after doing some research Im just going to switch back to truffle. Im still learning about how smart contracts interact and I now realize that the marketplace contract is different from the token contract because the token contract is just one of many that are set to interact with the contract. This entire time I was thinking that they needed to be deployed together. now that I know this Ill just deploy them one at a time using truffles module approach.
I dont know why I thought hardhat was different but I guess under the hood they are both the same.
So I was confusing a marketplace contract with a gov contract where the constructor of one includes the address of the other and thats not necissarily what I need here

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