Hackathon Survey Resuts?

Where were the results from the Avalanche Hackathon halfway survey published?

Hi @BitcoinCowboy!

It was actually just for the Teams internally, it wasn’t going to be published.

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The halfway video they discussed publishing underserved bounties. I guess all the bounties are all being served.

Hi, can you let me know in more details what do you mean… Thanks

This was the comment in the halfway video mentioning the survey being used to help ensure there were no unanswered bounties.

Still no results, kresimir?

Hey @BitcoinCowboy!

Thanks, the midway survey results weren’t for the public, but just for the Teams to better understand what kind of projects are being built along the way. Hope that helps

Otherwise would you please link me the the specific timestamp of what you wanted me to check about… in case I’m missing something. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Click on the video link I sent. It starts at the timestamp they talk about what they want to share from the survey. It is only 3 minutes in.