Google or fb login

just wondering if there is a way to do logins using Google, fb, Twitter etc?

You are referring to how your application users would login or on something else?

yes on login. instead of having to enter email and password on sign up they can click a button to login with their Google account.

Moralis doesn’t have this option now. Now your application users can login with MetaMask, usually you will want for your users to use a wallet in your crypto application.

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noted thank you. i do understand why social logins are not prioritised, but im trying to make it as frictionless as possible for onboarding non-crypto users.

You can create your own logic using cloud code. You can use log-in APIs you are intesested in

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hi @Yomoo, we also need google login now, how should we save it to Moralis database?
Possible to use User object? thanks

We are using

It may be possible to use same User object to add additional fields to it.
Maybe this helps you: