getWalletTokenIdTransfers function all market place

Is there a similar function or call to the API that would produce the same content inclusive of all the marketplace

Example below for contract is 0x7037843d739D846CdCe3A6839A80f7D70b60b99A
While a Sync function on the contract’s transfer will get all of them the call to this function in the Moralis.Web3API.token api will only provide Opensea’s transfer.

Thank you

Can you confirm if the total quantity of transactions from “contract sync” and from “getWalletTokenIdTransfers” are matching?

sometimes I observe that the content from web3API is not always in order, which might be the reason for the missing content.

I can’t figure out any ABI in the contract’s code

I have tried to create a sync without ABI but it does not create any table. Searching for now.

Ok, I guess OrdersMatched is not an event so I can’t sync it and it seems no other event will hold data about price. I don’t see how I can filter out transfer from the database that were not sale.
And comparing data I think getNFTTrades will only return Opensea’s transactions.

Question to make things simple is: is there a function to load NFT sales from a contract address from any platform in the API ? if not is it planned ? I am guessing this is pretty recurrent need ?

A way to do it would be to go and look for the price individually for each transactions. But this is not efficient. I have the same issue with resolving address to ENS name (individual calls) - I see ENS.js provide a call allowing an array of addresses but would love to limit calls to a single provider (Moralis)

Is there an event emit for OrdersMatched?

Sales will be marketplace specific. Currently, I think there is no API that can bring sales data for any marketplace or platform.

In another way you can try reading marketplace contract to read the events on that particular contract. I haven’t tried this way but it may work, since all the listing and buying on marketplace contract are on blockchain.