getWalletTokenBalances endpoint for Optimism returning incorrect data

Hi, it seems that the getWalletTokenBalances token endpoint to fetch all token balances belonging to an address does not work for Optimism. It works for other networks (ETH/AVAX/BSC/FTM/etc…) and returns the correct number of tokens, while for optimism it just returns 0. Moreover, the native balance returned from the getNativeBalance balance endpoint does not return the accurate balance either. The correct balance as determined by directly querying the OpEth precompile does not match the native balance returned (in some cases, it reported higher). Let me know if this is well known, or if I am perhaps misconfiguring something on my side, thx.

Hey @testingop,

Thanks for reaching out to us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not sure how are you testing out Optimism with our API. However, currently we are not supporting it at the moment as you can see in our docs here

However, it should be coming some time in the future.

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